Essay on landing

Essay on landing

Sankranti Kite Poem

Utarayan (Makarsankrati) is everyone’s favorite festival! Kite Festival! Every year we celebrate the festival of Uttarayan on the 14th of January and enjoy it. In particular, if we look at it from a geographical point of view, the sun starts moving in a northerly direction from 22nd December, i.e. the setting of the sun takes place from 22nd December. But who knows why we let 23 days go by on 14th January (whatever the date of Vikram Samvat is on that day! Uttarayan).

There are three types of national, social and religious festivals in our country which are celebrated during the year. For Sikhs, Seth and Naukar Taman, this festival is important in its own way. Some people refer to this festival as Makarsankrati: the sun is moving towards Makarvrit.

This festival of Makarsankranti is celebrated under different names in all the states. Punjab-Haryana Lohri, Bihu in Assam, Pongal in Tamil Nadu as well as Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh.

In preparation for the landing, artisans have started making kites of different types and colors. The night before the landing, cities like Surat-Vadodara-Ahmedabad are filled with “Kite Bazaar” all night long. Hobbyists tie a dozen kites on the same night and when the sun rises they go to the field or on the roof and wait for it to sleep! With bore, guava and sugarcane are real! Some even ate inverted on the afternoon of Uttarayan Accounts are …. kai po chhe …. a lapet lapetThe descent begins with the echo of. Toddlers are busy tying the kite the night before the landing. So that time is not wasted in building the kinna and there is plenty of time for kite flying on the day of landing.

In the darkness of the night, Uttarayan feels as if Diwali is being celebrated in the sky. In the darkness of the night the whole sky is filled with fragments. Many people also explode fireworks.

In Gujarat, people play Garba on Agashi by playing speaker. Thus the festival of Uttarayan begins with donations and ends like Diwali.

Thus the day of Uttarayan is also celebrated as “Bhishma Dehotsarga” festival. There is also the glory of giving alms on this day. The employers themselves donate clothing, food, and money to the workers who work there. The next day, animals, birds, especially cows are remembered. The cows are fed wheat and millet husks. There is also the glory of secretly donating to the poor by putting coins in sesame laddu. On this day, small birds feed the animals, birds and fish. Even today the Guru gives blessings to his disciples. Thus landing is not only a pleasure but also an opportunity to build a temple of virtue.

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