Exclusive Accused in Udaipur Beheading Case Linked to ISIS Sources to News18 rah mgb Pi News

Reliable sources told CNN-News18 that Riyaz Attari may belong to ISIS. Who allegedly beheaded a tailor in the city of Adepur in Rajasthan on Tuesday. He added that Attari was in touch with Mujeeb Abbasi, a resident of Tonk city in the state, on three occasions in 2021.

Sources said that Mujeeb was recently picked up from Rajasthan in an ISIS case. He said that some people of Ratlam were arrested in connection with the case in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

According to sources, Riyadh may be an ISIS operative himself, as can be seen in his Facebook photos using a special finger gesture used by Islamic State operatives around the world.

Sources said that Riaz Barelvi is from Attar and is affiliated with Dawat-e-Islami, an extremist religious group based in Pakistan and that is why he writes ‘Attari’ as his last name. “We are investigating whether he is a lone wolf,” the source said.

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Intelligence agencies are focusing on the possible involvement of certain organizations to escalate tensions, as well as to see if instructions have come from abroad.

Riaz and a colleague arrived at Kanhiya Lal’s shop under the pretext of measuring clothes. While Riyadh allegedly attacked the tailor with a sharp weapon, his accomplice recorded the crime on his cell phone, police said.

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The duo then posted a video of themselves on social media, confessing to the murder and threatening the life of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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According to the victim’s relatives, the man wrote on social media in support of former BJP spokesperson Nopur Sharma – who had recently made some controversial remarks about the Prophet Muhammad, ever since. He was receiving threats.

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