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Sharing information on social media, the Chief Minister of the state Pushkar Singh Dhami said that a high-level committee has been constituted taking steps to implement the Uniform Civil Code in Uttarakhand.

He told that the five-member high committee will be headed by retired Supreme Court judge Ranjana Prakash Desai. Dhami said, ‘Expert committee has been constituted for implementation of Uniform Civil Code to provide uniformity to all religious communities while preserving the culture of Devbhoomi.’

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The order of the state home department said, “The Governor has called for setting up an expert committee to examine all relevant laws governing the personal affairs of people residing in Uttarakhand and prepare a report on amendments to the existing laws.” Is allowed.’

Earlier in March, after the first cabinet meeting of the newly formed government, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami had announced the formation of a committee of experts for implementation of Uniform Civil Code in the state.

Uniform Civil Code is referred to as a uniform set of laws governing personal matters such as marriage, divorce, adoption, succession and succession for all citizens, irrespective of religion.

Making the announcement after the meeting, Dhami had said that the cabinet has unanimously approved the formation of a high-powered committee on the issue at the earliest.

Bringing a Uniform Civil Code in the state was a major election promise of the BJP to fulfill the dream of our Constitution makers and to strengthen the spirit of the Constitution, he had said.

In February, on the last day of campaigning for the assembly elections in Uttarakhand, Dhami had announced the formation of a committee of experts to draft a Uniform Civil Code. Dhami had said that if BJP comes to power, it will implement Uniform Civil Code in the state.

Dhami had said, “Protection of the cultural and religious heritage of Uttarakhand, protection of its environment and protection of its borders is important not only for the state but for the entire country.” Soon after the swearing-in ceremony, the BJP government will form a committee consisting of legal system, retired employees, prominent people of the society and other stakeholders to draft a Uniform Civil Code.

Dhami, who became the Chief Minister again after the BJP returned to power in the state with more than two-thirds majority, had decided to constitute an expert committee to prepare the draft for the Uniform Civil Code in the first meeting of the cabinet itself.

He had said, ‘Uniform Civil Code will be an important step to strengthen the spirit of the Constitution. It will also be an effective step in the direction of Article 44 of the Constitution, which talks about achieving a Uniform Civil Code for every citizen of the country. The top court has also insisted on its implementation from time to time.

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