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Facebook announces the biggest change of 2023 – daily features

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Facebook has announced the biggest change of the year. About 9 years ago, Facebook removed the chat option from the mobile app and introduced a new app called Messenger for this purpose. Now Meta has officially announced that Messenger will once again be part of Facebook’s mobile app. Facebook CEO Tom Ellison

In a blog post it was mentioned that we are testing the Messenger access feature in the Facebook app and very soon you will also be a part of this test. Note that Facebook was the first social media app in the world to remove the in-app chat option. The company said at the time that our goal is to make Messenger the best mobile messaging app. It is unclear why Meta has decided to make Messenger a part of the Facebook app again after 9 years, but apparently the change is being made to compete with TikTok. According to Tom Ellison, Meta is trying to make Facebook the best place to share and chat so that people can share content through messages on Facebook without having to open another app. It should be noted that in Tik Tok users can share videos with their friends via direct message. The company did not say when the change will be rolled out to all users. Needless to say, this is a very important feature for users as they will be able to view and reply to chats and messages without leaving the Facebook app. Likewise, phone storage will benefit as the Messenger app will no longer be needed.