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Faith is fruitful

Faith is fruitful


A Persian begged Jesus to dine with me. So they went to the Persian and sat down to eat.

One of the sinners in the town, knowing that the Lord of Persia was sitting down to eat there, took perfume in a marble vessel and stood at the feet of V and Jesus. She began to weep and wipe Jesus’ feet and wipe him with her hair. He kissed Jesus’ feet repeatedly and applied perfume.

The Persian thought that if he had known the past and the future, he would have known that this woman was a sinner.

The Lord spoke to Jesus – O Shameen, there were two debtors of a moneylender. Five hundred dinars were to be taken from one and fifty from the other. If they had nothing to give, Mahajan forgave them both. So now you tell me which of the two will love him more?

He spoke Persian – the more money he gave up.

The Lord Jesus said that you are right if you tell this woman! I came to your house but he did not even give me water to wash my feet. This woman washed my feet with tears and wiped them with her own hair. He has not stopped kissing my feet since I came and he has not kissed me even once. He put perfume on my feet and all his sins were forgiven because he showed so much love.

Jesus said to this woman, “You have been saved from all your sins, and your faith has saved you.”


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