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False rumors are being spread against Bhagwant Maan, says Arvind Kejriwal – Uttarbanga Sambad | Latest news and events about North Bengal today

Digital desk: Yesterday, Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Manu was hit with serious charges. And that’s why there was an uproar in national politics. According to the complaint, Bhagwant Maan boarded the plane intoxicated and was kicked out. And this time AAP supremo and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal protested against it. In fact, Arvind Kejriwal replied that these rumors are being spread to defame Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann, which is absolutely false.

In fact, Arvind Kejriwal claimed that since the opposition is unable to keep pace with the work of the Punjab government, efforts are being made to defame the Punjab chief minister. By the way, Arvind Kejriwal went to Gujarat for the election campaign. And from there he took one hand for the opponents of the Punjab government.


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