Famous Dhol player Arishma Maryam live show in Sargodha tomorrow | Pro IQRA News

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Pakistan’s first female Dhol player Arishma Maryam will perform live in Sargodha at a wedding tomorrow (December 8).

Earlier, she gave her rocking performances in various cities of Pakistan including Lahore, Faisalabad and Sialkot wedding events and at a birthday party in Karachi on November 12.

She entertained many with her unique skill of playing Dhol as a woman and never fails to capture the attention of Dhol lovers.

Arishma also won the Best Female Dhol Player of the Year award.

Apart from playing Dhol, Arishma also has singing and dancing skills. She debuted her first song ‘Challa’ where she performed herself along with musician Zeeshan Rokhri.

Later she debuted with another Pashto song “Mata Pa Spina Spina” featuring Zeeshan Rokhri.


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