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Fashion fans flocked to Sainsbury’s after a shopper showed off £60 worth of clothes which she bought for just £3 – but you better be quick. Pi News


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Want to fill your closet but not fit the bank balance?

Well, you might want to head down to your local Sainsbury’s supermarket… because fashion fans have gone berserk over the hugely discounted clothes in the store’s mega sale.

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fashion fan race-sainsburys-shopper-875377034Credit: Facebook
DD26C0 Sainsbury's supermarket in Bridgwater, UK.


DD26C0 Sainsbury’s supermarket in Bridgwater, UK.Credit: Alamy

With the trendy clothes reduced by just £1, delighted shopper Joy W Anderson rushed online to show them off.

She took to the money-saving Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK to give a rundown of the bargains she scored on a recent visit.

Alongside the image, he wrote: “Sainsbury’s this morning – £60 off for £3.”

This means Joy has saved £57 compared to the original prices on the labels.

Cheap buys include a white striped knit jumper, originally £22 but reduced to just £1.

Unsurprisingly, the savvy shopper was thrilled as she wore a pink and purple crop top, reduced from £22 to just £1, and a navy sleeveless knit vest with fringed edges for just £1 from £16.

Since then, the post has garnered 297 likes and over 40 comments, with many quick to praise the eagle-eyed shopper for spotting some deeply discounted bargains.

“Oh, this sleeveless jumper is perfect! Great bargains!!” excited one.

Second pen: “Just beautiful!”

A third: “Great sale – love the jumper!”

Meanwhile, a fourth said: “Wow, it’s just being in the right place at the right time.”

Another raved: “Wow great bargain!”

He added, “Good thing you found your bargains!”

And another said, “Oooo, that sweater is cute!”

It’s not the first time shoppers have rushed to their nearest Sainsbury’s supermarket in recent weeks.

Fabulous has previously told how customers are running to get their hands on the new Cadbury milkshakes.

In a clip shared on TikTok (@NewFoodFindsUK), one foodie wrote: “You won’t believe what’s out at Sainsbury’s!”

As they walked into their local supermarket, they stumbled across two new Cadbury milkshakes and suddenly stopped in their tracks and said, “Oh! Not just one, but two flavors! “

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The new delicious Cadbury Milkshakes are available in two flavors – Creamy Chocolate Milkshake and Creamy Chocolate Caramel Drink.

Although they appeared to be advertised on the shelves for £2 each, the grocer pointed out: “They actually scanned for £1 each.”


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