Finland and Sweden join NATO alliance, Turkey strongly opposes Pi News

Turkey opposes Finland and Sweden’s accession to NATO

According to a foreign news agency, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that it is not possible for Ankara to support Finland and Sweden joining NATO in this climate of Russian aggression on Ukraine. Turkey itself is part of NATO, but the Scandinavian countries do not have a positive view of NATO membership, even though some of them have members of parliament, but such support is not possible for them.

According to media reports, Turkey’s opposition to this issue could create difficulties for Finland and Sweden to join NATO, as membership of NATO requires the approval of all NATO allies.

The Turkish president’s statement came as Finland’s president and prime minister said yesterday that his country should immediately apply for NATO membership without delay.

Remember, the Russian president has warned Finland and Sweden that their joining the NATO alliance is unjustified. Joining the alliance will have serious consequences for both countries.