Foreign media running away from reporting on Kanhaiya Lal’s murder: ANI Editor Pi News

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The habit of selective reporting of western media has once again been exposed in the case related to the murder of Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur, Rajasthan. The news agency NNI has informed that a detailed video story was given to the Western media on their behalf, but despite all the information, some of them removed the news from it.

Ishan Prakash tweeted on June 30 that his organization had sent 5 detail videos on the Kanhaiya murder case to Thomson Reuters. But most of the international media houses ignored that story.

Those who worked on this story include BBC, Waco, Tribune Herald, Washingtonpost and Toronto Sun. In this, the angle from which BBC has done this report does not even mention the names of Islamic fundamentalists Riyaz Mohammad and Ghaus Mohammed. The BBC has reported that there has been tension between majority Hindus and minority Muslims in India, while the reality is that the demonstration by Hindus is against a ruthless killing and growing Islamic fundamentalism.

Similarly, Waco has previously reported that Hindu nationalists are targeting minorities, especially Muslims, for their food, clothing, and inter-religious marriages. Muslim houses are being demolished. And, in the end it was written that Kanhaiya Lal was murdered that too because he had extended the post in support of blasphemer Nupur Sharma.

Let us tell you that from time to time, the western media keeps creating an atmosphere against the country by interfering in Indian issues. But when it comes to raising voice for Hindus, they change the angle of the whole news and take it forward. If seen in the past, western media did not report on those people who were acted upon for coming in support of Nupur Sharma. But as soon as the matter came on Mohammad Zubair, there was an uproar in the entire media world over the arrest of Teesta Setalvad.

NNI Edit Ishan Prakash also pointed out in his tweet that Reuters had done its job well. He also carried forward the news sent by ANI. But the fault lies in other institutions. It is important to understand the difference between a news agency, a news channel and a news paper.

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Significantly, on June 29, Kanhaiya Lal was brutally killed by two Islamic fundamentalists. The fundamentalists were named Riyaz and Ghaus Mohammad. This incident happened at Kanhaiya’s shop. Later, the fanatics shared the video showing with which dagger they killed Kanhaiya. In the postmortem report, it was revealed that both the killers attacked Kanhaiya Lal’s body 26 times.