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Controversial statement of Congress leader and former minister Sajjan Singh Verma has come to the fore again. Addressing Muhammad Ali Jinnah as ‘Jinnah Sahab’, he has also talked about his contribution in the country’s independence. Sajjan Singh Verma made this statement while addressing the workers during the ongoing sit-in demonstration in Mandsaur regarding inflation and undeclared power cuts. Along with this, he also said indecent words about Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

What did Sajjan Singh Verma say
Sajjan Singh Verma, while addressing the workers in the ongoing sit-in demonstration at Gandhi Square in Mandsaur, said that the leaders of our party have sacrificed in the freedom of the country. He said that Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Jinnah Sahib contributed in the freedom struggle.

Say indecent words to PM Modi too
Sajjan Singh Verma used indecent words without naming the Prime Minister. Verma said, ‘This patta is making 75th anniversary of independence. His forefathers would never have taken part in any freedom movement. Sajjan Singh Verma also said that Congress workers have got freedom by getting rid of the sixes of the British.

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BJP MP retaliated
BJP MP from Mandsaur Sudhir Gupta has hit back on the statement of Sajjan Singh Verma. He said that Digvijay Singh and Sajjan Singh Verma, who spoke Osama ji and Jinnah Sahib, have given their gotra and address. He said that now only such people are left in the Congress, who do not know the history. The MP raised a question mark on speaking Jinnah and said that if Jinnah is being called by the Sahib, had he already done the partition by sitting amongst themselves. Taking a jibe at the Congress, the MP also said that the people of Congress who understood the nation, they left. Some are getting ready to leave.

(Report of Preet Sharma from Mandsaur)