Former Miss Brazil Glacier Korea has died after complications from surgery. ProIQRA News

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WashingtonGlacier Korea, 2018 Miss United Continents died at the age of 27 after complications from surgery. According to Fox NewsThe beauty queen died on Monday in a private clinic after being in a coma for the past two months. Korea underwent surgery to remove her tonsils and was bleeding profusely several days later and suffered a heart attack on April 4.

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News of his death was confirmed on Instagram by his family pastor, Lydian Elvis Oliveira. “Glacier underwent surgery to remove his tonsils and was soon released by a doctor,” he wrote. Oliveira added: “Five days after the procedure, Glacier was bleeding and had to return to Unimed Costa do Civil Hospital.

He suffered a cardio respiratory arrest due to bleeding, and doctors were able to perform a resuscitation procedure. However, tests showed a nerve damage and he remained in a coma for 75 days. In the last 3 days of his life, Glacier’s kidney failed and he died last Monday. He also shared a statement about the loss of Korea. “We are deeply saddened by this loss. She was a wonderful woman and loved everyone, “she said Fox News

Glacier actively participated in social projects in our local church, especially when we have social projects for children. In addition, she had a social project of her own to recreate the orioles of breasts in women with cancer. It would not be easy to live without her smile and radiance. We’re still getting used to the idea of ​​not being around, “Oliveira continued.

According to the outlet, the beauty star worked professionally as a beautician. She worked with permanent make-up and often shared her work through social media. Since April 4, her family has taken to the Korean Instagram page and shared videos of prayer circles held for Korea.

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