Former MLA Mamta Meena quit BJP | Be in discussions regarding practices and controversies; Read, interesting stories from his time… | Pro IQRA News

Former MLA Mamta Meena quit BJP |  Be in discussions regarding practices and controversies;  Read, interesting stories from his time…

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Mamta Meena submitted her resignation to Chief Minister Bhagwandas Sabnani on Tuesday.  - Dainik Bhaskar

Mamta Meena submitted her resignation to Chief Minister Bhagwandas Sabnani on Tuesday.

Former BJP MLA from Chanchoda assembly in Guna district, Mamta Meena, bid farewell to the party on Tuesday. 32 days after the BJP ticket was announced for Chanchoda’s seat, he resigned from the primary membership of the party. She reached the party’s state office on Tuesday evening. After reaching Bhopal, he tendered his resignation to the State General Secretary Bhagwan Das Sabnani. She demanded reconsideration of the candidate declared from Chanchoda’s seat. According to sources, she may join Aam Aadmi Party. In Delhi, she may join AAP before Arvind Kejriwal.

After resigning in Bhopal, while discussing with the media outside the party office, he said that “by taking the society together, I have worked for the party, risen above caste and creed. I have connected the entire society. Had asked the party to reconsider. There are five divisions in Chanchoda, give ticket to any worker from the five divisions, but no one considered my point, nor did I get a call from anyone, though I told them that with a sad heart I have to give ticket to another workers.A decision will have to be taken but even after that I have not received a call from anyone.I am being neglected continuously.District and Mandal meetings were held regarding Jan Ashirwad Yatra but no information was given to me.Mandal President General Secretary informed the assembly convener and on inquiry he learned that the district president had refused to call.

Whatever was my fault, he would have told me. Although they were hanged at the gate of the Bharatiya Janata Party office. As they say it is Amit Shah’s survey, my name has been removed in it, while I was working hard day and night by going from village to village. Did not accept defeat even after losing the election. She stood with everyone in their happiness and sadness. So where is my research bad? Manadesh Yatra was taken out from Khamkheda Darbar, thousands of workers participated in the birthday, so how is the survey bad. They stabbed me so many times on the back that I couldn’t tell how many wounds there were. But the lioness will remain a lioness. I had built a saffron house in Chanchoda. There is no room for me to live in the same house today.”

After her resignation, there is a possibility that she may join the Aam Aadmi Party. According to sources, the Aam Aadmi Party leadership has given him a big promise. Earlier it was revealed that Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann may come to Chanchoda. She will become a member of AAP by organizing a big program here. But he was not given time by the AAP leadership to come here. For this reason, she will now go to Delhi and join AAP.

Since its inception, Mamta Meena has been in discussions and controversies about her work style. There were many such occasions in the Chanchoda area, when his working style and some of his actions became the subject of discussion. Because of his way of working, many questions were also raised in the party. Read some such stories…

East CENTIMETER Digvijay Lion Of Convoy stopped

The matter is about the recent general election. It was the day of the vote for the parliamentary election. Former Chief Minister Digvijay Singh came to Raghogarh to vote. He went to Raghogarh by car from Bhopal. Meanwhile, some of his supporters around Madhusudangarh were standing on the road. Digvijay Singh stopped to talk to him, then Mamta Meena and some of her followers reached there and created ruckus and accused Digvijay Singh of influencing the election. On information, administration officials also reached the spot. But during this time Digvijay Singh remained in his car. He said he had only stopped by to meet supporters. There was much commotion during this period.

On Monday, he took out the mandate march.

On Monday, he took out the mandate march.

Dilip buildcon Of Employee From Iron Of Blame engaged

Work on the Guna-Dewas National Highway was in progress. Dilip Buildicon had the contract to build the National Highway. Highway work was going on in Chanchoda area. During the same time, he was also accused of taking a company employee hostage and beating him. The claim was that the employee had been mistreated. If sources are to be believed then CM Shivraj Singh was furious with this incident. He did not say anything directly to Mamta Meena, but he sent a message to someone else that this kind of action is not right.

Allegation of attack on Priyanka Meena’s house

This event happened last year. Just before the Panchayat elections, some assailants entered Priyanka Meena’s house in Penchi late at night, vandalized the house and even assaulted her. The items stored in the house were broken. After this incident, both families came face to face. There were allegations of vandalism and assault by breaking into the house. Allegations were made that all this happened at the behest of Mamta Meena. A report was also made to the police, but so far it is not known who the attackers were. On whose instructions did he commit the crime?

Priyanka Meena's house in Penchi was attacked.

Priyanka Meena’s house in Penchi was attacked.

Chanchoda City advice IN Other Of with Gave

Only last year there were municipal and municipal council elections. Till that time Prabal Rajput used to be close to Nikki Mamta Meena. He was associated with Mamta Meena of Long Samas. His family member had won the parish council election. He applied for the position of chairman of the municipal council. According to sources, in the election of the President, Mamta Meena supported another candidate instead of Prabal Rajput’s family and made him the President. From that time Prabal Rajput became distant from Mamta Meena. It was said that Mamta Meena gave more preference to another person than her old supporter.

money to ask for Of Video viral Happened

District Panchayat elections were held in 2022. Mamta Meena won the election from Ward 18. Her husband retired IPS Raghuveer Singh Meena won the election from Ward 16. After the election, a video of Mamta Meena also went viral. In this, she was seen demanding back the money given in the election from a person in the area. In the viral video, she had said, “Give me my money, I’m leaving home in 5 minutes. Even after giving 50 thousand rupees, they kept it in their pocket. After that they took back 2 lakhs. My money is iron money.” , You will not be able to digest it so easily. I won’t let you vote. I will break your legs from below, you will not be able to go and vote. Shame on you people. Die by drowning in just a little water. I have come to break the relationship of life.”

A video asking for money had gone viral.

A video asking for money had gone viral.