Fourth model commits suicide in Bengal within 15 days, body found hanging from ceiling fan Pi News

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In Kolkata, West Bengal, the process of death of actresses associated with the Bengali film industry continues. After Pallabi Dey, Bidisha Majumdar and Manjusha Niyogi, now Saraswati Das (18) has also committed suicide. It is no less than a furore in the Bengali film industry that 4 actresses have died within 15 days. Makeup artist Das was modeling by profession.

The dying pattern of all the actresses is the same. According to reports, all four died due to hanging from the noose. According to the report, on Sunday (29 May 2022) at 2 am, his body was found hanging from the ceiling fan of the house through a dupatta. First his grandmother saw his dead body and took it down and took him to the hospital, although he was declared brought dead.

what is the whole matter

Saraswati Das was living with her maternal grandmother in Bediadanga, Kolkata. She was living there with her mother Aarti Das for the last 17 years. Anki’s mother is divorced. He left education after studying till 10th standard. However, she taught tuition and was preparing herself for modeling along with a make up artist. There was no one in the house on the day of the incident, so Saraswati Das was sleeping with her grandmother. At one o’clock in the night, when Nani’s eyes opened and did not see her on the bed, she went to another room, where she was found swinging with the fan.

According to the police officials, she was allegedly in a relationship with someone and used to be worried about the same. Scrutiny of phone records of Saraswati Das revealed that she had spoken to her boyfriend till 1 pm on the day of the incident. It is believed that he committed suicide after a dispute over some matter.

It is worth noting that before this, on 15 May 2022, Pallabi Dey died. His body was also found hanging from the fan. After this, on May 25, the body of actress Bidisha Dey was also found hanging from the noose in her apartment. On May 27, the body of actress and model Manjusha Niyogi was found hanging from the ceiling fan in her room. She lived with her family in the Patuli area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKolkata.