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Nagpur, The cyber cell of the crime branch caught 3 African cyber thugs who cheated by creating a fake website in the name of a city company. The three accused were granted bail by the court of Magistrate First Class Sangram Jadhav. On August 13, the police registered a case on the complaint of Bhushan Ravindra Sable (47), a resident of Samartgarh.

Among the arrested accused are Raul Amy Chonga (29), Chaconte Jackson Sahto (32) and Temanwi Robert Ngwo (32). All three are residents of the Central African country of Cameroon. This country is adjacent to Nigeria. However, all three were arrested in Mehroli complex in Delhi. Bhushan JK Solutions Pvt. Ltd. He is the director of the company and his office is in Dharampet.

On August 11, he received his company’s website as well as a GST number. While collecting information about the said number, it was found to be registered in the name of Lamgolaun Singson from Tamenglan, Manipur. On August 21, the police arrested the three accused from Delhi. The court chose to keep him in custody for 7 days.

On August 27, he was sent to court custody. Advocates Mangesh Raut and Nazia Pathan applied for bail on behalf of the defence. Bail was sought citing the lack of concrete evidence against him. The court chose bail with the condition of not leaving the country and reporting to the police every two weeks until the charges are filed.


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