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#Mumbai: This is the first time that Eknath Shinde has gone to his home in Thane after taking charge as the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. His family and supporters greeted him warmly as soon as he set foot in the house. Eknath was greeted by his wife Lata Shinde by playing drums. A video widely shared on social media shows Lata Shinde playing drums with a band at the CM’s house.

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This is the first time Eknath has entered his home since he left the state as a Shiv Sena rebel three weeks ago. He was sworn in as chief minister last week after the Shiv Sena coup and the fall of Uddhav Thackeray’s government.

Eknath reached the police station around 9:30 last night. There was a huge crowd of supporters to welcome him in Anand Nagar. Chief Minister Eknath was greeted by showering flower petals on his car. Ordinary people waited in the pouring rain for hours to greet Eknath. Eknath paid homage to Shiv Sena leader Anand Dighe at Ananda Dighe Shaktisthala and Ananda Ashram.

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Shinde said his revolt was a step towards justice for those who believed in the ideals of Shiv Sena founder Bal Thackeray. This huge crowd in Thane is seen by the political circles as support for Shind’s revolt and his cooperation with the BJP.

Lata Shinde is credited with playing a strong role in her husband’s political career. Eknath started his career as an autorickshaw driver. His talk with Lata since that time. Eknath and Lata had three children. Two people died in a boat accident in 2000.

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