G20: China shocked by success of G20 in India, accuses America and western countries of promoting their agenda – Who is the spoiler for G20 summit in New Delhi | Pro IQRA News

G20: China shocked by success of G20 in India, accuses America and western countries of promoting their agenda – Who is the spoiler for G20 summit in New Delhi

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Who is the spoiler for the G20 summit in New Delhi

Chinese Premier Li Qiang was welcomed by President Draupadi Murmu and Prime Minister Modi.
– Photo: ANI


During the G-20 summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi convinced all countries for the Delhi Declaration on the very first day and hoisted the flag. In the middle of the war between Russia and Ukraine, it was not easy to get the Western countries and the two different factions of Russia and China to agree on anything, but India did. At the same time, the UK announced that it would give two billion dollars to the Green Climate Fund. Meanwhile, an editorial in a Chinese daily has come out, clearly showing that China is furious with the success of the G-20 in India. He has accused America and Western countries of promoting their agenda.

America’s desire to be separate from India

In fact, a Chinese newspaper said in its editorial that India wants to focus on discussing economic reforms and multilateral diplomacy during this year’s G-20 summit. However, this is different from what America and Western countries want. The editorial expressed hope that this year’s G-20 summit in New Delhi will remove the disruptions and create a success story. China accused the US and the West of promoting their own agendas and trying to divide the global North and South, as well as provoke confrontation between West and East.

She stated that the US and the West, which often claim to stand with India, have gone to great lengths to publicize the differences between the countries participating in the G-20 summit. They want to promote their agenda at a major world forum for economic cooperation.

These issues are important for India

The newspaper wrote in its editorial that India has prioritized six issues for the G-20 summit. These include reforms in green growth and climate finance, inclusive growth, digital economy, public infrastructure, technological transformation and women’s empowerment for socio-economic progress.

China’s leader said it is clear from these questions that India wants to focus on discussions on economic reforms and multilateral diplomacy, which have always been the main topic of the G-20 forum. New Delhi has repeatedly said that this forum is not a place for geopolitical competition. China said that we can take for example the conflict between India and China, which America and the West are exaggerating. While the Indian Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar recently clearly said in the media that I will not look at what others would suggest.

Focus on the war between Russia and Ukraine

China said that as for the issue that the West is paying the most attention to, it is the war between Russia and Ukraine. While India did not invite the Ukrainian leader to attend this summit. The leader went on to say that this, however, is also not the result that America and the West want.

Aim to break the G-20

These people want to break the G-20. He has shown a desire to break the G-20 after the summit in Bali, Indonesia last year. This year he has also intensified his efforts in this regard. Recently, a provocative question was asked in the US media, does the world still need the G-20?

A barrage of questions about America

China said the current focus should be on maintaining the G-20, which was formed during the 2008 financial crisis. She said the G-20 summit has brought enormous benefits not only to developing countries but also to the US and the West. But which country is now repeatedly withdrawing from various global cooperation mechanisms? Who builds the high fence? Who promotes factional conflict in the international arena? Who is spreading trouble around the world and undermining normal cooperation? He said that due to these reasons, the global cooperation system including the G-20 has been affected.

The aim is to create differences between dragon and elephant

Dragon argued that the US unnecessarily issued a warning to China ahead of the summit and urged the country not to play a role in spoiling the situation at the G-20 summit. In this regard, we would like to say that if we replace China with America, then these words are absolutely correct. It would be right if America stops escalating the fighting between two countries.

Last year, hard-won results were achieved under Indonesia’s G20 chairmanship, the Chinese leader said. We hope that the G-20 summit held in New Delhi this year will overcome the disruptions and become a success story.