Ganesh Chaturthi tomorrow, initiative for nature. Srijan Seva Sansthan makes clay Ganeshji instead of POP. | Pro IQRA News

Ganesh Chaturthi tomorrow, initiative for nature.  Srijan Seva Sansthan makes clay Ganeshji instead of POP.

 | Pro IQRA News

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For the past 5 years, Srijan Seva Sansthan, located in Pratapgarh Housing Board, has been instilling not only religious sentiments but also love for nature among the people regarding Ganesh Chaturthi and Navratri. It started in the year 2018, institute secretary Shweta Vyas said it was started by director Sudhir Dabhi from his home. During that time, news was continuously coming out about the damage to nature caused by POP’s Ganesh immersion.

At this Shweta decided that this time she would make a fresh start. He decided to make clay Ganesha and give it to his acquaintances. So that people can get information about profit and loss caused by POP and a loss can be a new beginning. His initiative bore fruit and in no time this practice of making clay Ganesha made him and the institute famous not only in Pratapgarh district but also in the division.

Year after year people’s attraction and demand for clay Ganesh and other idols started increasing and now the situation is such that every year on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi and Navratri, the institute makes more than 500 idols and makes them available only to the people at cost price..

Understand the harm caused by POPs

Shweta Vyas says that since childhood she had a special love for nature and art. Because of this, he took this step and took it out of his imagination and gave it a real form. Shweta says that over the past few years she has been continuously studying and gathering information about the damage caused by POP.

He decided to make people aware of the damage caused to nature due to POP and also decided to give the people another option. Shweta tells us that she makes and gets the idols made entirely by hand. The special thing about the idols is that no chemical of any kind is used in them. Due to this, the demand for these idols is increasing a lot. People tell him what kind of design they want in the idols.

There is no intention to make POP artists unemployed

Shweta says that her and the institute’s aim is not to take away anyone’s employment, hence since 2018 till now they have been training POP idol-making artists to make Ganesha and Mata idols in clay. So far around 60-70 people have been trained in this regard and the work of making them aware of harm caused by POP is also being done by the institute.