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Gang rape of woman in Rajasthan, police changed statement again and again

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An incident of gang-rape has come to light in Bhilwara, Rajasthan on Saturday night (September 9, 2023). In this case, the woman was found naked on the road. Regarding this, the police on Sunday (September 10, 2023) changed their statements again and again, first they said that no rape took place, then they said that the woman who had gone with her acquaintances was lying and later the same Rajasthan police declared that the allegations were true and arrested both the accused. Was also arrested.

On social media, it is linked to Priyanka Gandhi’s rally. In fact, on Sunday (September 10, 2023), Priyanka Gandhi’s rally was in response to the BJP’s Parivartan rally in Rajasthan. And the incident where the police changed their statements is linked to it by the people. According to the report, this rape incident took place in Gangapur, Bhilwara on Saturday (September 9, 2023) around 8 PM.

In this case, a person named Ankit Jain posted on social media The woman says she was gang-raped. Before the rally, the Rajasthan police tweeted saying that the incident of rape and kidnapping was found to be fake, after the rally, the police made another tweet saying that the incident of rape is true.

what is the whole thing

In fact, in view of Priyanka Gandhi’s rally in Rajasthan on September 10, a case of negligence by the Rajasthan Police in the Bhilwara gang-rape case and repeatedly changing its statement has come to light.

In this case, firstly at 11:05 AM, the Rajasthan Police issued a statement from its official social media handle claiming that the woman found naked on Amli Road in Gangapur was neither kidnapped nor gang-raped. He said that during the investigation the police found out that the woman “lied” because she was afraid of her husband.

Later, in another post, police said her medical examination was done at the hospital, and they found a conversation recording with the accused on her phone.

Around 2.59 pm, when Priyanka Gandhi’s rally had ended, the Bhilwara police again issued a statement saying that the accused have been arrested. Now the police clearly said that gang-rape is confirmed, but the report of kidnapping turned out to be false. The accused were acquaintances of the woman. After raping her, she ran away.

Around 15:45, Rajasthan Police official In a subsequent tweet, the police confirmed that after investigation rape of the woman was confirmed, contradicting the police’s earlier statement.

Rajasthan Police was disgraced on social media

Regarding this whole issue, a social media handle named Fact wrote, “This is Rajasthan Police! First she denied rape because Priyanka Gandhi was holding a meeting there in the morning, later she admitted that she was raped. And now he has deleted his tweet when he said the victim was not raped.”

In this post, Fact Handle has tagged Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and Priyanka Gandhi and called it a matter of shame. He also sarcastically said that these are the people who talk about women’s empowerment and safety.

accused arrested

It is noteworthy that after the FIR in this case, the police took action and arrested both the accused. According to media reports, SHO Gangapur, CO and other police teams conducted a search operation. The police claim that the CDR investigation also helped them confirm the case. After this, the police took both the accused into custody.

The names of the accused are said to be Chhotu (42), son of Ganesh Sargara, resident of Gangapur Amli and Girdhari (30), son of Nagjiram Gadri, resident of Chidkheda. Both are currently under arrest. The police also recovered a mobile phone from the scene and the bicycle used in the crime.