General Zaheer-ul-Islam for PTI PTI’s victory in Lahore High Court Ishaq Dar’s return? Pi News

Gen (retd) Zaheer-ul-Islam was standing on the dice with PTI flag asking for votes for Karpi PTI and saying I am neutral

Imran Khan needs such neutrality from Pak forces that they can be seen asking for votes for PTI: Muzammil Suhrawardy

If the five members had been notified a month ago, then there was a danger because at that time four of the PML-N’s own people were broken and now they have been accepted. If these five had come, the PTI would have got a majority of nine members. The government of Magrab Hamza is not in danger.

It is not possible for Dar Sahib to be allowed to come and Nawaz Sharif Sahib not to come. Preliminary rumors are circulating that PML-N leader Mian Nawaz Sharif is returning to Pakistan on August 14. If permission is given, the days will come together.