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Generosity and kindness

Generosity and kindness


Generosity and kindness are the best virtues

If I speak sweetly like a man and an angel and am generously zero, then I am exactly like the glitter of brass and the clapping of a drum. Without generosity I am nothing.

The name of tolerance and kindness is generosity. Generosity is above jealousy, show, ego, abuse, selfishness, jealousy and even misconduct. He is pleased with the truth. Everyone believes. Expect from everyone and support everyone.

Immaculate life

Big talk does not make a person holy and virtuous. Only a pure life can make a human being good.

The thirst of the soul is not hidden by big things. Only a virtuous life brings peace of mind. A pure and pure heart strengthens our faith in God.

If you consider yourself great and laugh at someone who sees you committing a sin, then you are a fool because you do not know how long you will keep good deeds with you.

How can we expect others to be our own when we cannot adapt ourselves to our own desires? We desire to perfect others but do not remove our own faults.

If your heart is pure, you will see goodness in all things of the world.

The only characteristic of a humble soul is to always be engaged in good deeds and to despise oneself.


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