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Panaji, Sep 8 (PTI) Two women from Israel and Kenya were arrested on Friday for their alleged involvement in an international sex racket. An officer of the Goa police provided this information.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Jivba Dalvi said Maria Dorkas from Israel and Wilkista Achista from Kenya were arrested in an operation by the Anjuna Police.

He said: “This racket operated between Kenya and India. Five women were rescued in a police operation with the help of NGO ARZ. The Kenyan women were promised jobs in the hospitality sector here by agents working on behalf of the smugglers.”

“After these women arrived in India, their passports, visas were taken by agents and they were forced into prostitution under threat of violence,” Dalvi said.

He said the row came to light when NGO ARZ got information about some victims being brought to Bengaluru.

He said the Goa Police immediately took action and conducted raids.

Bhasha Zoheb Ranjan


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