Good news for thalassemia and cancer patients

Good news for thalassemia and cancer patients

Turkish bone marrow transplant surgeon and hematologist Professor Mogi Goche arrived in Lahore where he examined patients suffering from cancer and other parasitic diseases including thalassemia for free.

According to details, Turkish Professor Mogi Goche conducted free check-up of patients suffering from cancer, thalassemia and other blood diseases including hemophilia in Lahore. She has performed more than 500 successful bone marrow transplants.

Turkish hematologist Mogi said that the success rate of bone marrow transplantation is more than 90%. Every year 12,000 people in Pakistan are suffering from hemophilia and other blood diseases including thalassemia. The majority of patients need bone marrow transplantation.

“I am a pediatric hematologist and have been working in this field for 15 years. The friendship between Pakistan and Turkey is an example,” he said. Most of the patients here are Thalassemia Major.

Mogi Goche examines a sick child

“Your country needs a bank for a bone marrow transplant. We can find a bone marrow donor for those who deserve a transplant. All the patients I see here today need a transplant,” said Mogi Goche. There are patients who do not have donors.

“We have a national bank of donors in our country. If we can’t find a donor from our bank, we can contact Europe. I have done more than 500 bone marrow transplants so far,” said a Turkish bone marrow transplant surgeon. Yes, the majority of thalassemia cases are due to cousin marriages in you and our country.

He added that your government would have to make a policy on cousin marriage, screening before marriage, if anyone had a donor, a transplant could cost up to fifty thousand dollars.


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