Government is going to present third budget, moving towards fixed tax, inflation will increase by 40%: Shaukat Tareen Pi News

ISLAMABAD: Former Federal Minister for Finance Shaukat Tareen has warned that now the present government is going to present the third budget, the government is moving towards fixed tax, fixed tax will cause 35 to 40% inflation.

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According to Hum News, while addressing a regime change seminar organized by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), prominent economist and former finance minister Shaukat Tareen said that reduction in exports would increase unemployment. Do

He said that the present government has not come to fix the economic situation, the government has only come to take NRO and abolish NAB, it is still time to hold immediate elections.

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Addressing the seminar, Shaukat Tareen claimed that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) could take the country out of economic instability.

According to Hum News, while addressing the seminar, General Secretary of PTI Asad Umar said that Khurram Dastgir removed the ambiguity of everyone that we were going to get punishments. Shaukat Tareen told how the economy got? And how has the improvement been seen?

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Former Federal Minister Asad Omar said that when the world economy was swept away then Pakistan backed down, the United States wants Israel to be recognized.

Addressing the seminar, PTI leader and former federal minister Hamad Azhar said that this year the target was to target negative circular debt, full pricing was agreed upon, we were also giving discounts on electricity. He inquired whether the units which were left at Rs. 16 were going to increase at Rs. 12? Now the unit price has been increased above 7.

Former Federal Minister for Energy Hamad Azhar said that you did not build dams, all were tempted to install power plants. Also subsidized and did not allow load shedding.

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According to Hum News, addressing a seminar organized by PTI, Hamad Azhar said that they were talking about a gas line from Tajikistan which is very cheap. Our people are forced to buy expensive electricity, gas and petrol. There is a time when we can get our way right. He warned that the damage could be done if childishness persisted.