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fire incident at tata motorsAs India, like other countries of the world, seeks to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles, many new challenges are emerging in this direction. One of these is all the incidents of fire in electric vehicles!

The Indian government has also ordered an inquiry into the fire that broke out in an electric vehicle of Tata Motors in the same area.

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Reuters According to the report, this information has been received from a government official. We would like to inform you that this step has been taken at a time when Tata Motors has termed this incident as ‘Isolated Thermal Incident’.

What is the whole matter?

Actually, a video has gone viral on social media platforms, in which Tata Motors’ electric car is shown setting on fire.

In this video going viral, firefighters are seen trying to douse the fire that broke out in a Nexon electric car in Mumbai.

A statement was issued by Tata Motors after the video went viral.

“Detailed investigation is being done to ascertain facts related to the recent ‘Isolated Thermal Event’ on social media.”

Tata Motors has another argument in this regard. The company says it has sold over 30,000 electric vehicles so far, most of which are Nexon EV models. And this is the first case of its kind.

Although the company has said that it will investigate at its level, but now it has come to the fore that the government investigation will be headed by the Defense Research and Development Organization.

A series of fire incidents started with two wheeler electric vehicles

The government is also taking the matter more seriously as many people have been seriously injured and some have lost their lives in the recent electric scooter fire.

Observing that the future of electric vehicles is in question, Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari had advised e-scooter manufacturers to recall batches of defective scooters.

In addition, an official investigation was launched by the government, with preliminary findings of an investigation into 3 e-scooter makers including Ola Electric, stating that “battery cells and modules” were the cause of the fire.

According to various reports, an expert committee constituted by the road transport ministry to probe the fire in these electric bikes is expected to give its final report by this month.

But now the government does not want to take lightly the incident of fire in electric cars followed by two-wheelers, even as India aims to increase the share of electric vehicles in the country’s total passenger car sales to 30 percent by 2030. Currently about 1% have been reported.

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