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Government urged to offer long-term solutions on immigration as polls reflect public unrest Pi News


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The government is being urged to improve the way it provides housing for migrants.

The coalition is considering changes to the current system, which has more than 100,000 Ukrainian refugees in Ireland following Russia’s invasion of the country.

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The Business Post/Red C survey found that 38 per cent of people should continue to live in local communities, while 34 per cent want to be provided with large public centres.

A Red C poll found that 66% of people think Ireland has taken in too many refugees.


Immigration topped the list of issues on voters’ minds last month, according to a poll published by The Irish Times/Ipsos B&A on Monday.

When asked what they saw the government doing recently, 24 percent of respondents cited immigration issues.

Doras chief executive John Lannon believes the immigration issue is distracting people from bigger issues in housing, health and education.

The head of a refugee charity told Newstalk: “It’s easy to do a poll that shows that immigration is a big issue that people are concerned about these days.

“But the questions people need to focus on as we approach local and European elections are how do we provide housing for everyone on the island? How do we improve health care? How do we ensure that schools have the resources they need?” will we provide?

Mr Lannon said a long-term solution was needed.

“The government itself has admitted that there is not enough direct supply in 2020, it is too expensive. Two years after people started arriving from Ukraine, there is still an over-reliance on temporary and emergency accommodation.

“It is very important that the government appeals so that we can continue to meet our obligations.”

In a recent interview with, Hope and Courage Collective co-ordinator Niamh MacDonald said political leaders need to engage more with communities to prevent the migration debate from shifting politics to the far right.

“The far right doesn’t come with solutions, they come with division and hatred, and that’s a path we don’t want to go down because no one in our communities will see any improvement if they keep looking.


Cooperation with communities “far-ri…

“Messaging has gone mainstream. It’s full of messages from the far right, like Ireland, etc. It’s not about the hotel, it’s extended to the normalization of far right messages. We can also see that it’s facilitated. supports far-right messages by local elected representatives.

“As community leaders, local elected representatives have a responsibility to prevent far-right hate, extremism, lies and disinformation.

“It goes back to the playbook of the far right. The main tactic of the far right, if they don’t get elected, is to sway mainstream politics, distract people from the real issues: resources and what they need. communities, to other people who come into our communities and need support and help.


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