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The suffocating Central Green Party began its leadership race on Tuesday in the hope of announcing a new leader on Nov. 19.

The Greens are taking applications for the job until August 5 and will announce the list of candidates by the end of August, with the aim of starting the first round of voting in October.

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Fall of Green Party leader Annami Paul: What happened behind the scenes

People who want to vote for the next leader of the party will have until Sept. 7 to become registered members of the Green Party, which currently represents two MPs in Parliament Hill.

The approved rules for betting acknowledge “the critical need to be within the limits of our current financial and employee regulations”.

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The party was rocked by financial problems and internal conflicts ahead of the disappointing election results in 2021, and outgoing leader Annami Paul, a black woman, accused some in the party of racism and sexism.

Pauline’s runner – up, Dmitry Lascaris, has written that he will not compete again in the 2020 tournament – and the current interim president, Amita Goodner, has said they do not want to work for themselves.

Click to play video: '' This is the worst period of my life ': Annami Paul resigns as Green Party leader'

‘This is the worst period of my life’: Annami Paul resigns as Green Party leader

‘This is the worst period of my life’: Annami Paul resigns as Green Party leader – Sep 27, 2021

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