Growing cases of Omekron piled up in the United States

Growing cases of Omekron piled up in the United States

The rapid spread of the Omicron variant in the United States is affecting a large number of garbage collectors, which has led to the delay or suspension of garbage collection in many American cities.

Citizens are furious that this basic task of the government is not to pick up garbage from the areas.

Garbage bins are full of rubbish due to the slowness in the process while there are piles of rubbish in various places.

Madeleine Rubin, a resident of Jacksonville, Florida, said it was a shame.

“You know, if the government wanted to, it could have found money in it,” he said. If coming here was a business, they would send money to make it possible.

In cities like Atlanta, Nashville and Louisville, employees are so low that they temporarily stop collecting recyclable bottles, cans, paper and plastic and focus on disgusting and smelly garbage.

Delays in picking up garbage are causing more inconvenience to citizens than anger, including blockage of sewers and sidewalks.

Nashville City Council member Freddie O’Connell was shocked to learn of the city’s pre-Christmas litter system.

He said he was surprised that there was no alternative or backup plan. There was no hotline for people with disabilities to dispose of their rubbish.

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