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Many national construction establishments have brought good news for the people of the metropolis. The city dwellers will soon be free from water problem. North Guwahati and South Guwahati JICA water projects will be opened in December.

North Guwahati Three Japanese representatives of JICA arrived in North Guwahati today to inspect the JICA water project. JICA’s Japanese delegation from Delhi has arrived in Guwahati on a three-day program. A delegation from Japan visited the JICA project in Mazgaon, North Guwahati from Guwahati and expressed satisfaction. According to Panchami Chowdhury, Chairperson of the Water Board accompanying the Japanese delegation, they will visit all the water projects in Guwahati for two days. On the third day, the Japanese Ambassador and the Foreign Affairs Department’s water project in North Guwahati arrived in North Guwahati. In collaboration with Panchami Chowdhury, the chairman of the Water Board, the first team to conduct a thorough inspection of the adjoining pegs of the Nair water pumping peacock in the construction of the so-called Ashvaklant Devalaya.

Water Board Chairman Panchami Chowdhury inspected the project and said that water would be supplied from 14 projects in Guwahati in July. According to Panchami Chowdhury, 90 per cent of the work has already been completed. The Japanese delegation at Ifal also said that 90 per cent of the work had been completed experimentally.

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According to Principal Panchami Chowdhury, for each connection, a connection fee of Rs.500 / – and a total deposit of Rs.8500 / – including Rs.6000 / – has to be paid. Customers will have to pay a fee per meter. You will have to pay only Rs. 22 per acre of water. If you leave the connection of eight thousand rupees, you will get three thousand rupees. The city dwellers will first be given water for two hours.

Asked about the safety of the project, which is in danger of collapsing on the hill, he said that the Guwahati engineering institute was monitoring the situation and had done some work to prevent it. It is worth mentioning that North Guwahati was heavily fortified for the JICA Reservoir on horseback without the interference of the locals. The Rs 406.52 crore drinking water project has been a nightmare for the city for the past decade.

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