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Hamilton Tiger-Gates returned to the field on Saturday night for the first time after an overtime defeat in the Gray Cup last year. They beat Montreal Alouettes 25-22 on the new player Tadhg Leader’s last second field goal.

The game at Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton was the first season slope for both CFL teams.

The leader hit a 35-yard kick, after Montreal had taken a one-point lead a few seconds earlier, with QB Davis running to a one-yard touchdown with 25 seconds to play in the Alexander Cam, then joining Krishan Hogan. Two-point change.

Most Tiger-Gates starters, including quarterback Dan Evans, played in limited minutes, finishing four of his five pass attempts for 46 yards.

Montreal opened the scoring on a 79-yard drive that soaked up more than four minutes of play time and culminated in QB Trevor Harris receiver Reggie White Jr. throwing a four-yard touchdown.

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Attempts to convert were thwarted by Hamilton’s Dylan.

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Highlights: Elx defeated the Blue Bombers in the pre-season

Highlights: Elx defeated the Blue Bombers in the pre-season

With the Alouettes kicker David Cote 32-yard field goal remaining at 3:16 in the first quarter to extend Montreal’s lead to 9-0, the Dickets responded with their own touchdown through.

With the help of a pass interception penalty that stopped the football on the Montreal one-yard line, back-up quarterback Matt Shields ran to the touchdown in the next game to reduce Allovets’ lead to 9-7.

Tiger-Gates took a 10-9 lead early in the second quarter when newcomer Seth Small scored a 39-yard field goal.

For Hamilton’s kick job, the current Michael Tomagala and Leader are competing small against Global Rookie.

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Code scored a 31-yard field goal, giving the Allies a 12-10 lead with 3:07 to play in the first half, and then added another 37-yard after 90 seconds.

The Dickets took an 8:24 lead in the third quarter when Rookie Pivot Jalen Morton ran to a 10-yard touchdown but failed to convert a two-point lead in the ensuing 16-15 lead over Hamilton.

Tomagala was good for a 49-yard field goal late in the third quarter, and Small punched a 48-yard lead at 3:30 in the fourth quarter to give Hamilton a 22-15 lead.

Bunting was an issue for the cats as Joel Whitford, Blake Hayes and Leader averaged 31.2 yards off six balls.

Hamilton will end their season schedule by facing the Toronto Argonauts in a game they will play at Coulby University on June 3.

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