Hamza Shahbaz’s re-polling Punjab election | Allies turned against PML-N? Pi News

PTI and PML-Q seem to be confused. On the one hand, they are asking the court for time to give us a week or two and on the other hand, they want Hamza Shahbaz not to be the Chief Minister in this time parade. 7 of his servants are not in the country. Elections are going to be held for 20 seats. Notification of 5 reserved seats has not been done yet. This means that even if you participate, you are going from home.

I think that after Ayaz Amir’s speech, Khan must have asked some people who invited him. All those things were very embarrassing. For Imran Khan, he should be given credit for saying that only Ayaz Amir could have said those things. Whether it is the time of Zulfiqar Bhutto, Benazir, Nawaz Sharif or now Imran Khan, Ahmed Bilal Mehboob