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Hancock or Oakeshott: Which double-header should you side with?

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Watching Matt Hancock reject leaked WhatsApp messages is fun until you remember that Isabelle Oakeshott was responsible for the ghoul hack. Find out who you can support with this guide.

Matt Hancock case

Arguably, Matt Hancock is the innocent in all of this. How did he know that the journalist who accused David Cameron of being a dead pig king would have a moral compass pointing to sensationalism? Plus he ate a camel’s dick on live TV for your own amusement, so maybe it’s time to let the thousands of care home deaths slide, right? Yes.

The Isabelle Oakeshott Case

Oakeshott is a mother of three trying to make ends meet in a cost-of-living crisis with a meager journalist’s salary. Can’t blame her for her exclusive bombshell skin The telegraph Maybe she wanted to give her kids a hot meal as a special treat. She had nothing to do with money anyway, she was motivated by her devotion to the truth and a sense of public duty. And if it sprouts often enough, you might believe it.

The case against Matt Hancock

Tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths. Ignore Chris Whitty’s expert advice. Bar owners awarded PPE contracts. She hugs an embarrassed adulteress she was forced to watch. his face. His inability to get out of public life. The way he stands. the way he speaks. his face again. Picking the side opposing Matt Hancock would be a no-brainer if Owen Jones had leaked 100,000 letters to the papers. Unfortunately the world is not that simple.

The case against Isabelle Oakeshott

She has written for the Evening Standard, Sunday Times and Telegraph, What additional proof do you need that she is a horrible person at whom to direct your anger? Also remember how annoying it is when her piercing voice spits out her nonsense “libertarian” opinions. BBC question time And your heart will tell you that she is the antagonist in this tale.

The verdict

Inconclusive. Hancock and Oakeshott are both egregious idiots in their own distinct ways, and neither deserves your support. There are no winners in this political equivalent of watching two sick rats fight to death in a sack, just a hierarchy of losers with us, the spectating audience, at the bottom.