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Hareem Shah’s new dance video caused a stir on social media

Hareem Shah’s new dance video caused a stir on social media

Pakistan’s controversial tick talk star Hareem Shah’s dance video has gone viral on social media.

Hareem Shah has posted a video on his official Instagram account.

As soon as the video went viral, Hareem Shah came under severe criticism from internet users.

This video has already started a series of comments from users.

Earlier, Sandal Khattak shared a video on his Instagram.

In the video posted by Sandal Khattak, actress Hareem and Sandal were dancing.

In the video posted by Sandal on Instagram, the two were dressed alike.

Recently, in a video posted by actress Hareem Shah, it was seen that actress Hareem and Sandal were dancing in a car.

However, after the video was shared, Hareem and Sandal Khattak faced strong criticism from social media users.

Remember that Tak Tak Hareem Shah shares her photos and videos on Instagram every day.

In addition, R. Hareem Shah shared another selfie with his love on social media.

Tick ​​tock star Hareem Shah posted a photo and video on the photo and video sharing app Instagram.

Hareem Shah, who claims to be married to a PPP leader, once again shared a selfie with her love today, which has sparked a new discussion on social media.

The photo and video posted on Instagram of Hareem Shah sitting with a man can be seen, both looking extremely happy.

Actress Harima Shah is very active on Instagram and keeps her fans informed about her daily life.

In the caption of the post posted on Instagram, the actress wrote that this is my beloved king.

However, Takkar Hareem Shah did not share any information about the man nor did he say what his relationship was with the man.

Earlier, Hareem Shah had shared his photo with the same person on Instagram and declared it as his life.

The photo shared by Hareem Shah has raised many questions in the minds of social media users as to who is the person whom Hareem Shah declared his life and king.


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