Harrow and Colchester South were given temporary open water for the ban | Pro IQRA News

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The city of Essex, Harrow and Colchester South announced an immediate temporary ban on outdoor water use on Wednesday, telling residents to stop watering their lawns or gardens and to limit all non-essential water use as much as possible.

City officials say the ban will be in effect until further notice and that “the Harrow and Colchester South Water Treatment Plant is currently experiencing a significant drop in water levels due to extreme weather events along the shores of Lake Erie.”

The reduction in levels, combined with increased water consumption during the summer months, has created a strain on the system, limiting the allocated water supply for residents of Harrow and Colchester South, officials say.

“It is important that residents of Harrow and Colchester South stop using outside water as a preventative measure to ensure we do not experience a serious shortage.” The mayor of the city, Richard Melosh, said this in a press release. “The City of Essex would like to thank residents for their cooperation at this time.”

Residents are asked to refer to their current water bill or view the water distribution map to find out if they are a Harrow and Colchester South Water Treatment Plant customer.

Officials remind residents that the available water is completely safe for consumption and does not pose any health risks.

Effective immediately, city residents are required to water gardens and lawns, wash cars, etc. at all times. including requests to stop using external water. In addition to limiting all non-essential water use to reduce demand on the system.

In addition, Harrow and Colchester splash pads will be closed until further notice.

The township says it is actively working with Commonwealth Water Supply to obtain additional water supplies in the event of an emergency shortage.