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Have mercy on the nation’s children

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There have been complaints of power cuts in countless primary schools in Peshawar due to which girls and boys are facing serious problems in getting education. By cutting off the power to the schools, little children and girls have been left at the mercy of the severe weather. But on the other hand, because of Pesco, the citizens were forced to pick up their children from government schools again, the fact is that due to the arrival of the summer season and its intensification day by day, the heat and humidity one way or the other. Even if they wear it, the children in the elementary school can never stand it, so it is not possible for these little boys and girls to face the extremes of the weather, in this regard, if without the help of Pesco Man can regret the attempt to suddenly cut off the power to the primary schools of the notices, while the delay in paying the electricity bills from the concerned department by the education department can also be Funds are sanctioned every year at the time of the budget for the running expenses of the institution and the department and then each department approves monthly or A one-time payment of three months expenses keeps them covered , so the question arises as to why the department has resorted to delaying tactics to ensure payment of electricity bills for elementary, middle and high schools. And the arrears in electricity bills increased to such an extent that the Pesco management was forced to disconnect the electricity due to non-payment of bills…