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Hazaribagh: Bamboo inserted in the image of ‘Udhayanidhi Stalin’

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Protests are ongoing in many parts of the country against Udhayanidhi, son of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin, who spoke of abolishing Sanatan Dharma. In this sequence, Hindu organizations burnt the effigy of Udayanidhi in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand on Monday (September 4, 2023). During the protest, bamboo was inserted behind the picture of Udhayanidhi. Even slippers were showered in the picture. In Uttarakhand too, a police complaint has been filed against Udhayanidhi Stalin.

According to media reports, the protest took place in Babu village in Hazaribagh district of Bihar. Dozens of Hindu youth took to the streets in a procession with the images. During this time, a young man walked wearing Stalin’s mask. Around the neck was a garland of slippers. Meanwhile, a protester had stuck a bamboo behind the picture of Udhayanidhi. After some slogans, the picture of Stalin was beaten with slippers and bangs. Then he was set on fire. The protesters said that no one could destroy Sanatan for millions of years, but those who destroyed it were themselves destroyed.

One person who attended the demonstration described Stalin as a leader of 2 cents. He said such statements are not made accidentally but as part of a well-planned conspiracy. Another protester threw Stalin’s picture in the air and said, “Look how bamboo is being used in his backyard. If you attack Satya Sanatan Dharma and talk about destroying our religion, then we will kill you like this in your backyard.” Its video is also going viral on social media.

Complaints filed in Uttarakhand as well

Apart from Jharkhand, a complaint has also been filed against Udhayanidhi Stalin in Uttarakhand. On Tuesday (September 5, 2023), the Devbhoomi Raksha Abhiyan organization filed a complaint against Udhayanidhi Stalin at Nehru Colony police station in Dehradun district of Uttarakhand. Anil Hindu Sanatani, who went to complain, told OpIndia that his campaign will continue until the arrest of Udhayanidhi Stalin.

The protesters said, “The leader who has commented on Sanatan Dharma writes unknown in the column containing his father’s name.” Another protester said, “You are only born in Sanatan Dharma. Ask your father and grandfather.”