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AMC Commissioner Dr. Abhijit Choudhary analyzed the possibilities of Meltron Hospital

Aurangabad: The Meltron Covid Center will be converted into a hospital and various medical facilities will be opened here, including permanent surgical facilities. For this, the KP has started preparations. A meeting will be held with the MIDC on Wednesday, September 28, regarding the transfer of the plot to the municipal corporation. During this, Administrator Dr. Abhijit Choudhary inspected Meltron Hospital. He supported the continuation of this hospital.

During the Corona period, the Meltron building at Chikalthana MIDC was handed over to the Municipal Corporation to set up a Covid Centre. Over the past two and a half years, various types of medical facilities have been created here with the help of municipal and state funds to fight the corona. So far, about 8,000 corona patients have been treated in this hospital. Now that the epidemic has passed, KP is trying to get the government to recognize an independent hospital that provides treatment facilities for infectious diseases here. It is interesting that this will be the largest communal hospital of the city with 350 beds and an oxygen facility. With the change in power in the state, doubts have also been raised whether the municipal corporation will get the Meltron site to set up an independent hospital. But Dr. Abhijit Choudhary, the administrator, began making efforts to keep Meltron Hospital running smoothly. In order to open a city hospital here, you need to take over this place first. For this purpose, a meeting will be called on September 28 and the transfer of this place together with the house will be discussed. Officials of Chikalthana MIDC, representatives of Meltron will be present at the meeting.

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During the inspection, Administrator Dr. Choudhary reviewed the materials and equipment there. Please be informed that the municipal administration has spent about 25 crores for the construction of various facilities and structures in this hospital with the help of government funds, various NGOs, industrial companies to provide better conditions for the patients during the Covid period. During the inspection, Administrator Dr. Choudhary inquired about the availability of 350 beds, oxygen line, two oxygen units, X-ray machine, Cityscan machine, 12-15 ventilators at Meltron. Medical Officer of Health Dr. Paras Mandlecha, Chief Medical Officer of the Municipal Corporation Dr. Balkrishna Rathodkar were present during this visit.


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