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– Seema Kumari

It is important for every parent to start teaching their children cleanliness from childhood. These habits can keep them healthy and fit. Because in the rainy season we have to change our habits and also the habits of children so that no disease can touch them. Tell us how we can protect children from diseases.

According to experts, often children come to play from outside, so they do not wash their hands and feet. Even after the conversation, he refuses to be clean. If your child also does this, then try to change this habit immediately. Explain to him why it is necessary to clean up after coming from outside. Tell them to keep their shoes and slippers in the same place. Thoroughly wash hands, feet, oral cavity with soap, perform other work only after changing clothes.

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  • First, talk about basic cleanliness
  • Explain with an example why cleanliness is important
  • To explain to children with love, and not to beat them.
  • Take care of cleanliness yourself.

Experts advise on rainy days to make it a habit to bathe the child with disinfectant soap twice a day.

Pay special attention to cleanliness in the kitchen so that contaminated products do not enter the family, especially children.

Vegetables and fruits can be consumed after washing them with warm water, sometimes with salt.

Give your child some honey in one form or another during the rainy season.

After a meal, mix ginger juice with honey and lick 4 drops.


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