Accused of abuse is a fugitive in Mérida: the bracelet is removed

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Leave the tracking equipment and a cell phone at a bus stop on Jacinto Canek Avenue

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Desperate for justice, Elsy Carolina CG went to the Government Palace of Yucatán to ask for support because, “due to errors in a criminal process,” your daughter’s alleged sexual abuser escaped of justice and freed himself from the bracelet.

He explained that his daughter She was a 12-year-old girl when Óscar Humberto LS, originally from Jalisco, abused her in 2019, when he reported it.

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The complaint began its course and in mid-2021 he was linked to the process for the crime of aggravated equated sexual abuse.

The judge did not consider preventive detention as a precautionary measure for the accused of abuseadded.

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However, the State Prosecutor’s Office managed to impose an electronic device or bracelet to locate him.

Since when has the accused of abuse been a fugitive in Mérida?

The process entered the stage of closing the investigation, but on October 5, it received a message from the Precautionary Measures Unit operated by the SSP asking it to in case of approaching the accused of abuse notify immediately.

The woman understood the message days later when she was notified that that October 5 Óscar took off his bracelet and left it at a bus stop on Jacinto Canek avenue next to a cell phone.

After the notification there was a hearing in which Óscar Humberto was declared removed from justice, that is, he is a fugitive in Mérida.

Wants the governor’s intervention

The woman went to the Government Palace seeking an audience with Governor Mauricio Vila to request their intervention in the case and be able to obtain justice.

For its part, the State Attorney General confirmed that the defendant is a fugitive.

However, he clarified that in the process binding hearing requested the preventive detention of the now abducted, but the judge did not consider it necessary.

He also noted that last Friday requested a new arrest warrant, which they granted but have not yet arrested the accused again.

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