On the internet you can sell a $ 100 coin for 35,000 pesos

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MÉRIDA, Yucatán.— As you know, selling online is no longer fashion, it is the everyday, the usual. Everything is sold, what is useless, what is useful but hinders or is in disuse, what no longer likes, what has gained value because it is back, in short, practically everything is sold.

Of course, this route also has special spaces for collectors, some specialized, others not so much, and those who take the opportunity to start a new hobby.

20 pesos for 23,800 pesos
20 Mexican pesos commemorative coin for the centenary of the Mexican Constitution, sold for 23,800 pesos
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This is the case of numismatics, which according to the Academy of the Spanish Language, numismatics is the discipline that studies coins and medals, mainly old ones.

Interest in coins, mainly old ones, has stimulated the promotion and sale of coins on the internet and has made the opportunity to exchange and buy and sell these products more accessible to collectors.

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Of course, it is also important to be careful and verify the security that the site that offers the transactions can offer and that it is not a fraud.

There are many references in the ancient world to the passion for collecting coins and medals, especially in ancient Rome.

1903 Mexican 1 cent coin that sells for 2,300 pesos

In the 15th century, numismatic collecting was born and in the 18th century the interest in old coins and medals grew, both for their beauty and for their intrinsic value, never independent of their historical value.

Numismatics developed from the 19th century on, and an unalterable idea has been maintained ever since: the rarer a coin, the greater its value.

Coin sale

When purchasing ancient coins, the following aspects should be taken into account:

The state in which the coin is, it is also important to have access to a clear description of each side of the coin, including details on particularities or rarities that it may present.

The material from which the coin is made, the type of metal or alloy, whether it is gold, silver, bronze or some other material.

To establish the price, it is convenient to take as a reference the value of the pieces that are currently offered, as well as those that have been promoted through auctions and consolidated sales.

The date of issue of the coin, the year it was minted, as it will influence the sale price.

Particular characteristics such as if it is a special issue, the material with which it was made, rarities, historical data from the time it was issued, are aspects that will influence the value of the piece.

To start a collection

In the free market there is a special section for the sale of old coins, in which you can find, for example, a Mexican 1 cent coin from 1903, which is offered for 2,300 pesos.

A 20-peso commemorative coin is also offered, for the centenary of the Mexican Constitution, with a price of 23,800 pesos.

Specialized sites

100 pesos for 35,000 pesos
Coin of 100 pesos from 2,013 “Numismatic Heritage of Mexico”, sells for 35,000 pesos

For those who prefer to go to the experts in order to receive advice on the creation of a new collection, the Numismatic Center of Mexico offers on its website a wide catalog of coins, bills, medals and printed matter such as stocks and bonds, newsletters, books and magazines.

On this site, for example, a coin of 100 pesos from the year 2013 is offered for sale, with the inscription “Numismatic Heritage of Mexico” for the amount of 35,000 pesos.

The Banco de México also has its numismatic center which has an online catalog of its collection.

This collection is considered one of the most important in the world, not only for its content, but also for the quality and rarity of its pieces, which range from ancient means of payment to contemporary coins and bills.

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