Parade of tropical waves heading to the Yucatan peninsula

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As the days in which the dead are honored in Yucatan approach, also the procession of tropical disturbances continues and includes the Peninsula in your tour.

From this Wednesday the 13th to Thursday the 21st of October, four tropical waves are expected to arrive in the region, which would cause heavy rains in Yucatán, Campeche and Quintana Roo.

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According to Juan Antonio Palma Solís, coordinator of Meteored Mexico, the march of natural phenomena would begin this Wednesday the 13th or tomorrow Thursday the 14th, with the arrival of the tropical wave number 37, weak and scattered.

The period of tropical cyclones in Yucatan does not end

“The rainy and cyclone season is not over yet, and although the first cold fronts have begun to descend to the Gulf of Mexico, they are still a heavy traffic of tropical waves is predicted over the Atlantic and Caribbean Sea towards the Peninsula “, Juan Antonio abounds.

And he explained that after the passage, almost inadvertently, of tropical wave 36 that traveled very decayed on Monday, October 11, it did influence with rains in Quintana Roo and Campeche.

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“The same would happen with system 37 that would arrive this Wednesday the 13th or tomorrow Thursday 14, diminished and spread in the eastern part of the region, due to the anticyclone that was positioned in the Gulf of Mexico, although it is beginning to give way, “he added.

tropical waves infographic
The tropical waves that reach the Yucatan Peninsula through the Atlantic Ocean are generated on the coasts of Africa.- Photo by Conagua

When would the other tropical waves arrive in Yucatán?

However, the meteorologist noted, atmospheric patterns would change Starting next weekend, the rains would return more generally.

“It is expected that a second tropical wave, the 38, arrive at the peninsular zone no later than this Friday, October 15, interacting with a vortex in higher levels of the troposphere (layer of the atmosphere that is in contact with the surface of the Earth) “.

This situation, highlighted Palma Solís, will give rise to very strong rains and thunderstorms that could accumulate from 50 to 75 millimeters in Campeche and Quintana Roo, and in Yucatán, rainfall would be heavy (25 to 50 mm).

“It is not ruled out that in some sectors of the region storms are accompanied by gusts of wind and possible hail fall “.

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Dance of tropical systems in the Peninsula

From tropical wave 38, according to the count of his departure from Africa, Juan Antonio warned that the parade of more tropical waves would continue, the 39, which is near the Lesser Antilles, and the 40, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

“So far none of the four ongoing tropical storms have cyclonic potential, But you have to keep a watchful eye, since they are susceptible to sudden changes, “he emphasized.

Despite these phenomena that would bring rain to the southeast region, he pointed out that the atmosphere would remain hot and muggy, but the potential for rainfall would gradually increase as of Friday, October 15 with scattered showers and strong thunderstorms in some sectors.

Tropical systems map
Some of the weather phenomena, including tropical waves, in the central Atlantic – Photo by

Tropical waves and cold fronts loom over Yucatán

After the passage of tropical wave 38 this weekend, the meteorologist of social networks reiterated that it is possible the arrival of two more similar tropical systems to the region shared by Yucatán, Campeche and Quintana Roo.

“A tropical wave would arrive early next week, on Monday 18 or Tuesday 19 October, and the following, from Thursday 21, meteorological conditions that would maintain the potential for rain in the Peninsula “.

“In the same way, it is anticipated that a cold front enters the Gulf of Mexico no later than this Saturday October 16, and although it would not arrive fully, its proximity would destabilize the region, with potential for rain, “concluded Palma Solís.

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