Here are 7 memorable moments from the 2022 BET Awards Pi News

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Taraji b. Essence reported that Henson hosted the 2022 BET Awards for the second year in a row in Los Angeles on Sunday. The star-studded event will include shocking moments, uplifting performances and heartfelt tributes.

Here are some great moments from the BET Awards.

BET Tribute to Kevin Samuels

The 2022 BET Awards pay tribute to controversial YouTube user Kevin Samuels, who died in May. Samuels’ photo appeared on the big screen when BET paid tribute to some of the celebrities who died last year at the awards show.

While some praised BET for honoring Samuels, others attacked the network for paying homage to the controversial YouTuber, who has a reputation for posting questionable comments about women in particular.

Dames has received numerous awards

It was an epic night for Nigerian singer Dems, who won the award for Best Collaboration with Justin Bieber and Whiskey. The trio received recognition for their hit song “Essence”.

Dames also received the BET Award for Best International Law.

The Nigerian singer dedicated her award to “Dreamy Women”.

“Where I come from, things like this don’t happen,” he said. “It simply came to our notice then. As you look at me, I want you to imagine yourself as I should be here too.

Jake Harlow took a stand for Lil Nass X.

Jack Harlow showed off his Lil Naz X shirt at the BET Awards, reporting for his friend who was excluded from the program.

Chloe Bailey kept the audience mesmerized

Chloe Bailey wowed audiences with her performance at the BET Awards. The singer danced on the enchanting lap of one of her male dancers during her new solo song “Surprise”.

The Grammy-nominated musician wowed his fans with the song “Treat Me” released in April.

DD thanked his ex when Jung Miami had an identity for him

While receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award, DD gave a shout out to his former cousin.

“I was in a dark place for a few years. I want to make a special shout out to the people who really were there for me, thank you, love, “DD said.” And Cassie, for loving me in the dark times, love. “

The singer’s current girlfriend, Jung Miami, sang “GO PAPI!” He looked up at the board.

Kirk Franklin and Maverick City music excited the audience

Renowned gospel singer Kirk Franklin has joined Maverick City Music to present a mesmerizing show at the BET Awards.

The artists first sang “Kingdom” from their new album Kingdom Book One, BET reports. The group later performed Franklin’s 1995 hit single “Melodies from Heaven”.

Mariah Carey looked surprised

Maria Carey made a shocking appearance on stage during Lotto’s performance. According to Pitchfork, he first teamed up with Gary Lotto to remix the single “Big Energy” which was released in 2021.