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From the sinking of Atlantis to 9/11, I have yet to see any crisis that couldn’t be defeated by cutting taxes. I will tell you a few:

The fall of Rome

The invasion of the Goths, the depredations of the barbarians, the rise of Christianity and the decline of its people: all these are mere irritants compared with the brutal taxation of agriculture. No one grew food because it didn’t make economic sense, millions of people starved. If they had declared a tax holiday, we could all be speaking Latin today.

The Black Death

The deadliest pandemic in recorded history killed 200 million people. It was blamed on a combination of planets and God’s punishment instead of realizing the truth: it was caused by big government stifling wealth creators with regressive taxes. Cut these out and there would be no bubonic plague.

English Civil War

Although the English language has always been great and good, because I cannot put people down in this country, there were once competing visions of greatness. Same as now, except Rishi gets beaten up. Anyway, I’m not 100 percent sure what this is about due to my terrible education at Leeds, but I do know that lowering taxes would fix it.

Second world war

Hitler? He only became chancellor because of high taxes, not because of rampant inflation and failing public services or anything else. Europe? It’s weak because of high taxes, not because disconnected governments ignore workers’ demands or anything. World War II? It can be completely avoided with the introduction of Freeports.

The loss of the British Empire

One of the biggest disasters in history and all because of taxes. If we had just announced a zero-tax regime, the money would come flooding in – left-wing economists don’t understand it, but that’s how it works – and we’d have rightly ruled the US and China by now. We have to get it back. We owe it to the Queen.

Margaret Thatcher’s resignation

A hammer blow from which this nation never recovered. And it was so unnecessary because all he had to do was abolish poll tax, income tax, VAT, capital gains tax, the NHS and all public services. He would still rule us today. And in a very important way, it will be soon.


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