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Bangladesh Fisheries and Livestock Minister Sh Rezaul Karim said there was no need to increase hilsa exports to India.

Puber Kalam Web Desk: Bangladesh has earned a lot of foreign exchange by exporting hilsa to India. According to media reports, Hilsa was exported more this year than in other years. About 1,352 tons of hilsa were exported. And the income is much higher than in other years. Despite this, the export of hilsa to India should not be increased, Bangladesh Fisheries and Livestock Minister Sh. Rezaul Karim said.

At a press conference on Thursday, while answering questions from reporters, Rezaul Karim said, “This time Hilsa was commercially exported only to India. In addition, hilsa fish was sent as a gift to other countries this year. Personally, I believe that the export of hilsa should not be increased.

He said that about 12.22 percent of the total fish produced in the country comes from hilsa alone, which is the highest for any single species. Its contribution to GDP is 1 percent. About 6 lakh people are directly involved in hilsa harvesting and 20 to 25 lakh people are directly or indirectly involved in transportation, sale, net and boat making, ice production, processing, export etc.

Also, at this time, all types of fishing during the breeding of gilsa will be prohibited. The Ministry of Fisheries and Animal Husbandry announced that a queen conservation program will be implemented for the safe breeding of hilsa.

Every year before and after the full moon of Ashwin is the actual time of hilsa egg laying. At this time flocks of Hils from the sea rushed into the Meghna river. Keeping this time in mind, this year, like every year, the government has banned hilsa fishing for 22 days. Violators will be punished according to the Fisheries Act.

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