Hindu pen in support of Nopur Sharma in India Pi News

Odhepur (TV report) The situation is tense after the decapitation of a man in Odhepur district of the Indian state of Rajasthan. A video released by Muslim youths about the Hindu tailor claims that the tailor supported the blasphemous remarks made by BJP spokesperson Nopur Sharma in honor of the Prophet of Islam and also shared a post in favor of the blasphemous conversation on social media. Which hurt the feelings of Muslims. Director General of Police ML Lather said that two persons involved in the murder have been arrested. On Tuesday, some people came to his shop under the pretext of sewing clothes and took him out of the shop and cut his neck with a sword. The protest has started. Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gilhat has said that he appealed to everyone to remain calm and not to share the video of the incident. Markets in the area have been closed since then and Hindu-Muslim riots are looming. The Rajasthan government has issued a high alert across the state following the killing. The video released by the Muslim youth claims that more youths are ready to resist, saying that the youths who have taken extreme steps have even threatened to assassinate Indian Prime Minister Modi.

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