How did Favya get trapped ?!

How did Favya get trapped ?!

How did Favya get trapped ?!
Our two proverbs are very well known. One is: ‘Khuda meherban to gadha pahelwan’ and the other is: ‘Khuda deta hai to chappar phad ke deta hai.’ Karta-hero in both of these is ‘Khuda’. In the last four cases, the above two sayings have come true. Knowing the first incident, Mumbai Police has just arrested a young man named Hemant Patil alias Hemant Sonawane. There were some complaints against him that by boasting that he is a doctor – a good surgeon, this bogus young man with a bachelor’s degree has enticed many young women with his sweet words saying that he is a nun. He is an orthopedic surgeon He had performed such awkward operations on eighty patients in a government hospital of Mumbai Municipal Corporation and all of them are still lying in bed.

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This ‘surgeon’ was a camel veterinarian who performed bone marrow transplants but performed excellent heart surgery. The police themselves were stunned by the disclosure of Karamkundli when he was caught unawares after he complained of obscene jokes made by some young women. After flirting with 9 women and marrying them, the ‘flirtatious’ Hemmat had 73 girlfriends, many of whom also had immoral relationships.

Now the story of a trickster with three or four fake names alias Ayushya of Mumbai-Thana. On well-known matrimonial sites, he introduced himself to a number of girls and women by posting his profile with details such as ‘ISRO’ – a NASA scientist and has a meager salary. Under the pretext of ‘starting a new business’ by promising to marry 14-15 of these young women, the ‘scientist’ swindled a huge sum of about Rs. Mumbai Crime Branch nabbed the white thug by setting a trap in the name of a young woman

The police had also nabbed Vishal, who had allegedly cheated 35 young women for marriage with a similar modus operandi. This Vishal alias Anurag Chavan also had another business. He swindled more than Rs 2-3 lakh by enticing people to sell expensive branded mobile phones cheaply. In all four cases, by the temporary grace of God, the four tricks were caught in the beginning! Now let us know what kindness God really has. A few years back, a gang of five robbers raided the Mumbai residence of the owner of a well-known fashion brand in the country and looted a total of Rs 13 lakh worth of assets including gold coins, bangles, gold bars and cash. Police arrested three accused. The case went on after the looted property was also found from him.

Due to lack of sufficient evidence, the three accused were later acquitted but their two accomplices were not found so the looted goods remained in police custody. Following an appeal by the heirs of the fashion company to get the property back, the police have now returned all the assets to the heirs by a Mumbai court order. Now, the interesting thing about this whole case is that when the robbery took place in 1998, the value of the property was Rs. Really, God willing!

What kind of ‘date pay date’ spectacle is this?
Dharamputra Sunny Deol’s two dialogues in the film ‘Damini’ have always been memorable. When the scene of ‘Dhisum..Dhisum’ comes, then we have Sunny’s ‘Dhai Kilo Ka Yeh Haath Jab ..’ . The scenario that this dialogue will once again be remembered by all in the jurisdiction has now been created in the court of Muzaffarnagar. In 1986, two others were arrested along with a trader named Dharampal Singh on charges of illegally making pesticide liquids in his house without a license. The court case started. After 10 days, all the three accused were granted bail and the case continued at a snail’s pace. In the meanwhile, even though the two accused fell in love with the Lord, the cycle of ‘Tarikh Pe Tari Tarikh’ continued. Now, after 3 years, the verdict of this case has come. After a total of 400 hearings, the main accused Dharampal Singh has been acquitted due to lack of sufficient evidence and today he is 85 years old!

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