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Bollywood king Shah Rukh Khan watched the movie with his entire family at the special screening of the movie ‘Pathan’ yesterday.

Since the release of the first song ‘Be Sharm Rang’ from the movie ‘Pathan’, the movie has been criticized by extremists in Modi’s Hindutva India.

The Speaker of the Assembly of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, Girish Gautam, criticized the movie “Pathan” and challenged Shahrukh Khan to sit and watch the movie with his daughter.

He said that Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter has just turned 23 or 24 years old, so you sit with her and watch this film and then say I will also sit with my daughter and watch your film.

The Indian minister challenged the actor and said that if all this is true, sit down and watch such a film with your daughter, then we will agree that there is nothing wrong with it.

A few weeks after receiving this challenge from Girish Gautham, the actor sat and watched the film with not only his Sahana Khan but the entire family at the special screening of the film ‘Pathan’.



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