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‘How do you act on that?’: Austin Butler didn’t want to wear Sting’s winged underwear in Dune 2. Pi News


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Austin Butler didn’t want to copy Sting and wear winged underwear in “Dune: Part Two” as Feid-Rautha Harkonnen.

The “Elvis” star plays a “psychotic” character in the second film of Denis Villeneuve’s two-part adaptation of Frank Herbert’s 1965 novel Dune, and he loved David Lynch’s ex-Police frontman’s leather trunks. In the 1984 film, he wanted to do something different.

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Feyd-Rautha is the youngest nephew of Baron Vladimir Harkonnen (Stellan Skarsgård) and the intended heir to the House of Harkonnen.

In an interview with Total Film magazine, Austin said about getting to know the scary character: “Denis described to me that he has a psychotic nature, but nevertheless there is something attractive about him. And he is hungry for power. I began to think. : So how did he grow? What would he sound like? How would he breathe? How would he move? It was a real pleasure to start filling in all the details and putting flesh on the bones.”


The former Disney star, 32, says he can’t spend as much time in character as he did when the late King of Rock and Roll lived because it’s not a “healthy” place to be.

He explained: “With Fade, I didn’t think it would be healthy to live in that headspace 24 hours a day.

So I created rituals around it in the hair and makeup chair, where I began to change my mind. It gave me more freedom to feel like I could go further with the film because I knew it wasn’t going to get out of hand. Once you know that, it’s fun because it’s so different from me. It’s challenging, but there’s something liberating about immersing yourself in a different way of being. There were possibilities that other characters didn’t have that were really fun to explore.”

Asked if she was asking for the winged pants, she replied: “I think she did them so justice that I had to do something completely my own. [laughs]. How do you follow this? I think he looks great in them… I love this movie and I love Sting as a musician and as an actor. I am proud to embody this role, which he has the opportunity to do.”


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