How long can omecron live on plastic and skin, important findings in research

How long can omecron live on plastic and skin, important findings in research

During the last two years of the epidemic, the corona virus has changed its genetic makeup several times, and each new species has significantly different symptoms and severity than the previous species.

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A new type of Corona, Omicron, is spreading rapidly around the world, and experts are trying to find a possible cause. According to Japanese researchers, the omicron virus lives longer on plastic and skin than previous species, and this may be one of the reasons for its rapid spread around the world.

A study conducted by Kyotopreferential University of Medicine in which different types of corona were placed on plastic and human skin in a lab, however, omicron has survived longer than all other species.

The results of this study prove that omecron survives in different environmental conditions of VOS, which is why omecron is not only spreading rapidly but is also genetically changing its shape.

It is worth noting that the Omecron virus survived on plastic for an astonishing 193.5 hours, or more than 8 days, while in other species the ratio was 56 hours for the original code, alpha 191.3 hours, beta 156.6 hours, gamma 59.3 hours. And the delta lasted 114 hours.

On the skin, the omecron virus lived an average of 21.1 hours, while the corona virus lasted 8.6 hours, alpha 19.6 hours, beta 19.1 hours, gamma 11 hours, and delta 16.8 hours.

The study also found that omecron is more resistant to ethanol than corona variants, but all cod variants are inactivated by an alcohol-based hand sanitizer for only 15 seconds.

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