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How much could Pakistan have benefited if “Project Imran” had not been launched?

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In his latest statement, Imran Khan has said that what will be the advantage of Pakistan minus me? Tell someone? Khan Sahib student tells that if you were not in politics what would be the benefit of Pakistan and what loss Pakistan would have been spared.

Khan Sahib, if it was not for you, King’s Party would not have come to 2011 by giving life to Tehreek-e-Insaaf’s dead horse against democracy and the establishment would not have had your shoulder to kill against democracy.

If it wasn’t for you, the 126-day dharna in 2014 against CPEC and Pakistan’s development would not have happened. Khan Sahib, if it was not for you, in 2014, the enemies of Pakistan’s development would not have had a Pakistani face for chaos in Pakistan.

Khanji, if not for you, democracy would not have been rolled out in Pakistan in 2018. If not for you, the 2018 election would not have been stolen. If it wasn’t for you, who would have made the tantalizing promise to convert the Prime Minister’s House and the Governor’s Houses into universities after assuming the office of Prime Minister? 90 days in 90 days to stop corruption, who would do it? Who will show the green garden by providing 50 lakh houses and 1 crore jobs? Despite the condition of Medina and the claims of simplicity, who would have spent about a billion rupees every year for the Prime Minister’s house?

If it were not for you, Khan, who would have mixed all kinds of political, journalistic and judicial luxury with him? If it wasn’t you, who would have played the song of the neutral referee’s fight and played with the referee? If it wasn’t for you, how would the world know that with one judge, with one side, nothing could be delivered in four years? Who said how to get left by saying right? Who would tell how to do corruption of more than 28 thousand billion rupees despite loud claims of corruption?

Khan Sahib, if it was not you, who would have told how two million people can be pushed below the poverty line in just four years? How can the average per capita income in Pakistan be reduced from $1800 to $1100? How can Pakistan’s economy be damaged by $66 billion in one fell swoop by stopping the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project? If not for you, who would have conveyed all the details of the CPEC deal to the International Monetary Fund? Other than you, who had this skill that despite taking a loan of 21,500 billion rupees, not a single public welfare project could be started?

If it wasn’t for you, how could Pakistan not have moved up 23 ranks in corruption, reaching from 117th to 140th rank? If you were not there, how would Pakistan’s democratic system have turned into an incomplete dictatorship and a hybrid system? And how would Pakistan have reached 105th rank among democratic countries? How would the Fragile States Index rate Pakistan as closest to a field state?

Khan Sahib, if it wasn’t for you, how would the national growth rate have declined from 6 percent to minus 0.4 percent? How would another 7 million people be unemployed? If you were not there, how would the Kashmir tragedy have happened and how would India have dominated Kashmir? If it wasn’t for you, how would Pakistan have been completely isolated from the world?

If you weren’t, how would the inflation rate rise to 22 percent? How does the dollar go from 100 rupees to 300 rupees? How did flour go from Rs 32 to Rs 140 and petrol from Rs 100 to Rs 300 per litre? How could the resources of 22 million people be used for four years just to crush their political opponents? How could the prices of electricity, medicine, petroleum and gas be deliberately and repeatedly raised? How could 350 billion of the Corona aid fund be subject to corruption?

If it were not for you, how would the world know how to use the national institutions for four years only for their own personal purposes, under the slogan of strengthening the institutions? How to use the donations received by a national institution like Shaukat Khanum Hospital for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf? How to receive foreign funding and invest it in Pakistan against the interests of the state? If you were not, how would the corruption of billions in the billions tsunami project be possible? And who would give official protection to the mastermind behind it?

If you were not there, how would there be corruption of more than a thousand billion rupees of sugar, flour and wheat? If it was not for you, who would have caused billions of rupees losses to the exchequer due to expensive import of LNG gas and delays in construction of LNG terminals? Who would draw a line through the nose for a billion dollars in front of the IMF? If it was not you, who would have repeatedly raised the prices of electricity, gas, petrol, sugar, flour and medicines on cue from the International Financial Institution and earned their bad prayers by shortening the lives of the poor?

Khan sir, if it was not for you, how could your party invest billions of rupees in the ring road scandal in Rawalpindi? How could there have been a corruption of one and a half billion rupees in Malam Jabba and Peshawar BRT projects? How could the $7 billion ML1 project have died in the files?

I realize that the subject is getting long but Khan Sahib’s brilliant achievement in politics demands that one should not be stingy in describing it.

to be continued…